Sunday, 13 April 2014

71. Force

I was in a small village in Tamil Nadu. 
We were on the hillock and while watching downwards, I saw this.

Who was guiding the direction? Whose will mattered? 
Who was really using force to pull the other?

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

70. Food 4: Kharwas

I don't know what Kharwas is in English. I do not know whether it is consumed beyond the world that I know of. What I know is: I like it and it is rarely available. 

So the other day when my friend offered it to me, I was glad to have it served couple of times. 

It is made of Colostrum milk, (normal) milk and Jaggery

This is Colostrum Milk.

After mixing normal milk (now, don't ask me the details of measurements etc.!) and adding Jaggery cook this in Pressure Cooker. It looks like this:

Tempting, isn't it? 
Cut it into pieces for ease of consumption.

And I had no hesitation in having it;

Actually I lost the count of plates :-) 

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

69. Gangtok Market

After a rather hectic day, my colleague wanted to me visit the Market.
I am not much into shopping and I don't like to be surrounded by crowds. 
When I explained my views, my colleague , a local official said, "Oh! But it is Gangtok Market!"

According to me, all markets are alike. However, I did not want her to feel bad and hence went with her. 

When I realized  the vehicles had 'no entry' in the market,  I felt good. 
The first impression was amazing.

To be able to walk freely in the market (for that matter on any road) was an experience in itself. 

Suddenly it started raining. Up came the umbrellas.

You can see how clean and how specious is the word within the market. It is also safe for women. 
If you get tired of walking, you can sit on these benches - take rest, talk, listen to music, consume food, just relax - whatever you want. 

I wish there were many more such markets in the country! 

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

68. Birds: 1

The perspective of human beings is different from other species around us. 
For example, who would call a stream, mostly carrying drainage water beautiful? Who would say it is essential? 

But it is very essential for the birds. 
See Intermediate Egrets and Indian Pond Herons together here.

Their peaceful coexistence for the use of limited resources is a lesson to all of us.  

Tuesday, 18 February 2014


One has to visit Desert to find its beauty.
Yes, it is not easy, but it is beautiful.

Here are some images of desert in Barmer district, Rajsthan.

And how do people live here? What is their lifestyle? Housing? Roads? Transport? Agriculture?
Maybe, some other time. 

Monday, 10 February 2014

66. Photographers: in Action

It is hard to catch photographers in action. Generally they are the ones who are actively capturing action. 

I was arranging photo folders today and smiled at these photographs. 

Of course, these are not Professional Photographs. 
They are Civil Society members, participating in a session on "Capacity Building in Photography" - meaning "How better to take photographs!"

After the resource person gave an instruction, everybody tried to do something.

The intensity for learning was visible. 

This was in Delhi. Sometime in May 2012.

I too participated in that session. 
I don't know how much the learning reflects in my photographs! 

Yes, and I have captured some action of Professional Photographers as well, maybe some other time! 

Monday, 3 February 2014

65. Bullock Carts

When I was in Madhya Pradesh in August 2013, I visited many villages. 
It was not surprising to  come across Bullock- carts; I know they still are important aspect of village life and especially Farmer life. 

What amazed me was the variety.

This one was in Amalatha; a smaller one. 

Another one in the same village. This is little bigger and without any added color.  Both these are "parked" near the farms, away from the residential area.

However, the third one was seen in village Chhota Badada.

Do you observe differences? in size, in colur, in shape, in design?

A simple "utility" object - but how farmers make give personalities to bullock carts. 

Well, where are the bullocks?  
You will have to wait for them as they are resting